Läpland (2011)

Television Film | Comedy-Drama | UK | English | 1h15m
Dir: Catherine Morshead | Scr: Michael Wynne | Ph: Damian Bromley | Prod: Rosemary McGowan | Mus: Simon Lacey | Ed: Jamie Pearson | Cast: Sue Johnston, William Ash, Elizabeth Berrington, Julie Graham, Stephen Graham, Zawe Ashton, Keith Barron, Connor Dempsey, Georgia Doyle, Adam Scotland, Ellis Murphy

Following the death of its patriarch, nine members of a Birkenhead family fly off to Lapland for Christmas, careful to bring all of their presents along too. Unfortunately, they also bring along a bagful of old resentments and petty arguments, in this diverting festive outing from the BBC. The performances are competent enough, but the film-makers never really make enough of the spectacular locale, and the whole thing feels just a bit too familiar and predictable. However, there are just about enough laughs to hold the viewer's attention.