Skeletons (2010)

Feature Film | Fantasy Comedy | UK English and Bulgarian | 1h34m
Dir: Nick Whitfield | Scr: Nick Whitfield | Ph: Zac Nicholson | Prod: Tracy Brimm, Kate Myers, & Paul Welsh | Mus: Simon Whitfield | Ed: Rachel Tunnard | PD: James Lapsley | AD: Ruth Parker Cast: Will Adamsdale, Andrew Buckley, Tuppence Middleton, Paprika Steen, Jason Isaacs, Josef Whitfield
A pair of travelling psychic detectives, who go from home to home excising the skeletons from people’s cupboards, struggles to get started on the case of a missing husband and father, when their own personal problems begin to catch up with them, and the actions of the decidedly dysfunctional family with whom they are staying begin to affect them, in Nick Whitfield’s innovative, melancholically funny, and generally quite bonkers Kaufmanesque sci-fi-comedy. The strangely touching performances of Adamsdale and Buckley, Nicholson’s muted photography, and Simon Whitfield’s outstanding, vaguely off-key score all add greatly to the film’s unique tone.