Ring Once for Death (1974)

Thriller (1973-1976) / Death in Small Doses
Television Film | Thriller | UK | English | 1h5m
Dir: Robert D. Cardona | Scr: Terence Feely | Story: Brian Clemens | Ph: Tony Hudspith | Prod: John Sichel | Mus: Laurie Johnson | PD: Stanley Mills | SD: Bob Woodhouse | Cast: Michael Jayston, Nyree Dawn Porter, Barry Nelson, Thorley Walters, Janet Key, Victor Winding, Clare Sutcliffe, Richard Oldfield

A murderous butler, who, assisted by a drunken struck-off doctor and a similarly amoral maid, slowly poisons his single, female employers in order to assume power of attorney, soon finds that he has bitten off more than he can chew, when he inadvisably decides upon a city-based, socially active woman for his next mark, in this mildly diverting little thriller. Though the distinctively voiced Jayston’s excellent performance more than holds the attention throughout, the whole thing proves just a little bit too straightforward and predictable to compare favourably to the best of Thriller (1973-1976).