Black God, White Devil (1964)

Deus e o Diabo na Terra do Sol
Feature Film | Western | Brazil | Portuguese | 1h55m
Dir: Glauber Rocha | Scr: Glauber Rocha | Ph: Waldemar Lima | Prod: Luiz Augusto Mendes | Mus: Sérgio Ricardo | Ed: Rafael Valverde | AD: Paulo Gil Soares | Snd: Aluizio Viana | Cast: Geraldo Del Rey, Yoná Magalhães, Othon Bastos, Maurício do Valle, Lidio Silva, Sonia Dos Humildes, João Gama, Antônio Pinto, Milton Rosa, Roque

A cowherd murders his boss in an argument over money, and goes on the run with his long-suffering wife, becoming entangled with various religious figures and notorious bandits – such as Antônio das Mortes, Corisco, and São Sebastião – along the way, in this powerful, if vaguely irreverent, 1930s-set Brazilian western. Rocha’s decidedly potent visual storytelling and some strong performances combine to good effect.