Holy Land (2010)

Internet Video | Drama | USA | English | 1h
Dir: Kentucker Audley | Scr: Kentucker Audley & Cole Weintraub | Ph: Kentucker Audley, Timothy Morton, & Cole Weintraub | Prod: Kentucker Audley | Snd: Kentucker Audley & Chris Owen | Cast: Cole Weintraub, Bunny Lampert, Betsy Weintraub, Timothy Morton, Alex Skitolsky, Jon Sewell, David Maloney, Lindsey Chastain
A directionless twenty-something half-heartedly sets out on a road trip to Holy Land USA with the vague notion of writing a novel, meeting up with various other directionless twenty-somethings along the way, in Audley’s mildly diverting character study. A number of scenes pique the interest, but the film ultimately proves to be as shabbily directionless as its protagonist. Just about worth a watch, never the less.