House of Tolerance (2011)

House of Pleasures
L'Apollonide: souvenirs de la maison close
Feature Film | Drama | France | French | 2h2m
Dir: Bertrand Bonello | Scr: Bertrand Bonello | Ph: Josée Deshaies | Prod: Bertrand Bonello & Kristina Larsen | Mus: Bertrand Bonello | Ed: Fabrice Rouaud | PD: Alain Guffroy Cast: Hafsia Herzi, Céline Sallette, Jasmine Trinca, Adele Haenel, Alice Barnole, Iliana Zabeth, Noémie Lvovsky, Xavier Beauvois, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Esther Garrel, Joanna Grudzinska, Pauline Jacquard, Laurent Lacotte, Judith Lou Levy, Jacques Nolot, Maïa Sandoz

Bonello’s languorous, ethereal slice-of-life drama depicts the final months of a high class Parisian brothel at the turn of the 20th century. For the most part, events are very much of the everyday variety, but one act of violence and one incidence of illness implicitly affect all else that happens. The frequently disrobed cast of young ladies proves excellent, as does Bonello’s bold use of incongruous music and split screen, driving its dreamlike plot towards its equally brave ending.