In the Grip of Passion (1947)

Intohimon vallassa / Passionate Power
Feature Film | Drama | Finland | Finnish | 1h30m
Dir: Teuvo Tulio | Scr: Filmimies | Novel: Johannes Linnankoski | Ph: Osmo Harkimo | Prod: Teuvo Tulio | Mus: Tauno Marttinen | Ed: Teuvo Tulio | AD: Kosti Aaltonen | Snd: Ensio Lumes | Cast: Regina Linnanheimo, Kullervo Kalske, Eric Gustafson, Aku Peltonen, Elli Ylimaa, Oscar Tengström, Kaija Suonio, Lauri Korpela, Ruth Luoma-Aho, Matti Oravisto

In Tulio’s stylish melodrama, a young man gives up his carefree life as a logger to become a blacksmith’s apprentice and pursue a local farmer’s daughter. However, her despotic father has another match in mind, more befitting of their lofty social status. Kept apart for many years, the two lovers and her lazy, drunken husband grow ever more bitter and hard until tragedy inevitably strikes. Expressive mise en scène, dramatic, high contrast photography, and some deliciously committed performances combine to potently melodramatic effect.