The Naughty Room (2012)

Television Film | Comedy-Drama | UK | English | 1h13m
Dir: Cosmo Jarvis | Scr: Cosmo Jarvis | Ph: Daniel Broadley & Cosmo Jarvis | Prod: Cosmo Jarvis | Mus: Cosmo Jarvis | Ed: Cosmo Jarvis | PD: Fletcher Jarvis & Harry Meads | Snd: Cosmo Jarvis | Cast: David Egan, Cosmo Jarvis, Tom Hannaford, Anita Scrivener, Catriona Mcdougall, Daniel Crimp, Mike Mathieson

A 20-year-old layabout with only one real interest in life – getting stoned – finds himself roused into action when he discovers that one of his neighbours has been keeping her 20-year-old son imprisoned in the naughty room for 16 years. Bringing out his inner action hero, the revelation sends him crashing through her front door in order to rescue him. However, reintroducing him to the world after such a long absence doesn't prove quite so easy. Though it doesn’t really work as allegory, and certainly doesn’t work as straight drama, not to mention the fact that much of it feels rather underdeveloped, musician Jarvis’s film-making debut, a micro-budgeted labour of love, somehow just about manages to hold the attention throughout.