The Year of the Sex Olympics (1968)

Theatre 625 (1964-1968)
Television Film | Sci-fi | UK | English | 1h45m
Dir: Michael Elliott | Scr: Nigel Kneale | Ph: Peter Hall | Prod: Ronald Travers | Ed: David Taylor | PD: Roger Andrews | Snd: Derek Miller-Timmins | Cast: Leonard Rossiter, Suzanne Neve, Tony Vogel, Brian Cox, Vickery Turner, George Murcell, Martin Potter, Lesley Roach

It’s the year of the Sex Olympics, but the television-watching public has becoming tired of wall-to-wall pornography. And so, in order to keep the people in their current state of pliable docility, the ruling class – the television executives – look to find a new form of entertainment to keep them distracted. Their solution – reality TV (exploiting the pain and suffering of others), an idea hit upon following the death of an art terrorist live on television – unsurprisingly proves a big hit. Mixing crude but effective satire with a vaguely camp aesthetic, whilst anticipating the execrable likes of Big Brother, Kneale’s scabrous piece of science fiction is often depressingly prescient.