Cruise of the Gods (2002)

Television Film | Comedy | UK | English | 1h28m
Dir: Declan Lowney | Scr: Tim Firth | Ph: Francis De Groote | Prod: Alison MacPhail | Mus: Corrie Fraser & Mykaell S. Riley | Ed: Chris Dickens | PD: Steve Groves | Cast: Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, David Walliams, James Corden, Helen Coker, Niall Buggy, Rachel Shelley, Philip Jackson, Brian Conley, Jack Jones, Paul Mark Elliott, Robin Weaver, Daniel Cerqueira

Whilst working as a hotel porter, though still hoping to revive his flat-lining acting career, Andy van Allen (Brydon), the former star of a campy cult classic children’s science-fiction series is offered the chance to take centre stage on a star cruise populated by 40 of the show’s geeky fan base. Reluctantly, he agrees to take part, but finds that a week in the sun and two grand in the pocket is scant compensation for being surrounded by these people. However, a surprise encounter with the show’s other star, the confoundingly approachable and down-to-earth Nick Lee (Coogan), who has since gone on to form a successful Hollywood career, a bit of rumpy-pumpy with one of the passengers, the drunken rantings of the show’s alcoholic creator, and the unexpected death of another guest ensure that the trip is anything but an uneventful one. Though the happy ending comes perhaps a little too easily, the cliché-crushing Cruise of the Gods – solidly crafted with good comic performances and believable yet witty characterisation – entertains throughout.