I Was Monty's Double (1958)

Hell, Heaven or Hoboken
Feature Film | War Drama | UK | English | 1h41m
Dir: John Guillermin | Scr: Bryan Forbes | Book: M.E. Clifton James | Ph: Basil Emmott | Prod: Maxwell Setton | Mus: John Addison | Ed: Max Benedict | PD: Wilfred Shingleton | AD: W.E. Hutchinson | Cast: M.E. Clifton James, John Mills, Cecil Parker, Patrick Allen, Patrick Holt, Leslie Phillips, Michael Hordern, Marius Goring, Barbara Hicks

Playing both himself and General Montgomery, I Was Monty's Double depicts the part that Australian actor M.E. Clifton James played in the build-up to the D-Day landings, after he was approached by the secret service to work as a decoy, on account of his uncanny resemblance to the British military leader. Spiced up for entertainment’s sake, this fact-based Second World War romp takes in nerve-biting meetings with German spies, potentially disastrous addresses to high-ranking American officers, and a decidedly bloody, moonlit kidnap attempt. Fine performances and witty writing combine to generally diverting effect.