North by Northwest (1959)

Feature Film | Romantic Thriller | USA | English | 2h16m
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock | Scr: Ernest Lehman | Ph: Robert Burks | Mus: Bernard Herrmann | Ed: George Tomasini | PD: Robert Boyle | AD: William A. Horning & Merrill Pye | Snd: Van Allen James | Cast: Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason, Jessie Royce Landis, Leo G. Carroll, Josephine Hutchinson, Philip Ober, Martin Landau, Adam Williams, Edward Platt

Mistaken both by a gang of Soviet spies as being an FBI agent and by the police as a wanted murderer, Roger O, Thornhill, a charming and handsome middle-aged advertising agent, suddenly finds himself having to flee across the country by train in order to save his own skin. However, his personal nightmare is soon alleviated somewhat by a comely young stranger who helps him to evade the ensuing police search by indulging him in a night of passion. Of course, with her being both drop dead gorgeous and only half his age, she turns out not to be an erotic gift from God but one of the spies – at least that’s what he is led to believe… Mixing sex and thrills with laughter and intrigue, this is the quintessential Hitchcock wrong man thriller. Sexy, charismatic performances, majestic scoring, skilled writing, and dazzling direction combine to quite brilliant effect.