Room at the Top (2012)

Two-Part Television Film | Drama | UK | English | 1h58m
Dir: Aisling Walsh | Scr: Amanda Coe | Novel: John Braine | Ph: Lukas Strebel | Prod: Paul Frift | Ed: Kristina Hetherington | PD: Chris Truelove | AD: Nick Wilkinson | Cast: Matthew McNulty, Maxine Peake, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Kevin McNally, Tom Brooke, Theo James, Julia Ford, Kevin Doyle, Peter Wight, Zoe Telford, Kerrie Hayes

Brimming with anger, ambition, and pent-up sexual energy, a young working class accountant, demobbed after the end of The Second World War, arrives in a new town looking to work his way up the social ladder. After obtaining a job with good promotion prospects in the treasury department at the local town hall, he turns his eyes to the fairer sex, and soon finds himself indulging in some steamily clandestine trysts with two women – one, a sexy older woman unhappily married to man of influence, and the other, the pretty young daughter of a prominent businessman – a situation destined, with the L-word liberally thrown about, to lead to heartache and possibly even tragedy, in this handsomely crafted adaptation of Braine’s 1957 novel. Fine performances, discreet direction, striking photography, and the welcome lack of a musical score combine to good effect.