Betty Boop, M.D. (1932)

Animated Short Film | Comic Sci-Fi | USA | English | 7m
Dir: Dave Fleischer | Prod: Max Fleischer | Animation: Willard Bowsky & Thomas Goodson | Cast: Mae Questel

Having just arrived in town with their travelling medicine show, Betty Boop, KoKo the Clown, and Bimbo attempt to sell their miracle cure-all, Jippo, to the local populace between the acts of their show. Initially slow to purchase, the locals soon begin to part with their hard-earned cash when they witness the effects that the tonic has. However, it shortly becomes evident that the  concoction also exhibits some quite extreme side effects, in this relatively staid and unimaginative – and as such decidedly disappointing – but nevertheless mildly entertaining Fleischer brothers short.