Boy (2012)

Short Film | Drama | UK | None | 11m
Dir: Justin Chadwick | Scr: Prasanna Puwanarajah | Ph: Danny Cohen | Prod: Barnaby Spurrier | Mus: Alex Heffes | Ed: Rick Russell | PD: Jon Henson | Snd: Adrian Rhodes | Cast: Timothy Spall, Euan Cattermole, Sam Caine, Michael Smiley, Alex Gilbreath

A grieving father, haunted by the memory of his recently deceased son, makes repairs at the Olympic velodrome using wood taken from the tree at the point at which his progeny, a once promising cyclist, was knocked from his bike and killed by a passing car, in this moving, wordless little short. Spall, as the mournful-but-purposeful handyman, is predictably excellent.