Canticle of All Creatures (2006)

Cántico das criaturas
Short Film | Drama | Portugal | Portuguese & Italian | 24m
Dir: Miguel Gomes | Scr: Miguel Gomes | Ph: Rui Poças | Prod: Luís Urbano & Sandro Aguilar | Mus: Mariana Ricardo | Ed: João Nicolau & Miguel Gomes | Snd: Miguel Martins | Cast: João Nicolau, Mariana Ricardo, Paolo Manera

Miguel Gomes’s diverting, generally well-crafted three-part short film follows an Italian troubadour as he walks the streets of contemporary Assisi, singing Saint Francis’s Canticle of the Sun, before jumping back to 1212 to witness a strange encounter between future saints Francis and Clare, in which the latter has to remind the former about his caring philosophy, following a fainting spell. Whilst the final part sees the nocturnal animals of Assisi (voiced by children) discuss their relationships with Saint Francis and each other.