Dragonflies (2001)

Øyenstikker / Dragonfly
Feature Film | Drama | Norway | Danish/Norwegian/Swedish | 1h51m
Dir: Marius Holst | Scr: Nikolaj Frobenius | Story: Ingvar Ambjørnsen | Ph: John Christian Rosenlund | Prod: Sigve Endresen | Mus: Kjetil Bjerkestrand & Magne Furuholmen | Ed: Sophie Hesselberg | PD: Katrin Lea Tag & Lotta Wallin | Snd: Gisle Tveito | Cast: Kim Bodnia, Mikael Persbrandt, Maria Bonnevie, Tord Peterson, Thomas Skarpjordet, Tintin Anderzon, Shanti Roney, Anastasios Soulis

Eddie, an overweight Dane with greying, unkempt hair and scraggly beard, finds his idyllic life with his gorgeous young Norwegian girlfriend in the Swedish wilderness threatened by the unexpected appearance of an ominous face from his past. At first happy to see him, he soon changes his tune when he realises that his old partner in crime, fresh from a five year prison sentence, is determined to enlist his aid in gaining vengeance upon a man that had previously wronged them both. However, with his life of crime behind him, and nothing in his plans but domesticated rustic bliss, he politely refuses. As a result, the increasingly unwanted presence of the towering, undeterred Swede becomes ever more menacing, in Holst’s sensuously atmospheric almost-thriller. A trio of (unsurprisingly) excellent performances, captured with panache by Rosenlund’s camera to the gentle scoring of Bjerkestrand and Furuholmen, give vibrant life to Frobenius’s discomfortingly enigmatic screenplay.