Las Acacias

Las acacias
Pablo Giorgelli | 2011 | ★★★★
At the behest of his boss, a wistful Argentinian truck driver (Germán de Silva) agrees to transport a Paraguayan woman (Hebe Duarte) from Asunción to Buenos Aires. However, when she turns up with her previously unmentioned five-month-old baby daughter (Nayra Calle Mamani), he quickly begins to regret his decision. Never the less, as frosty as his initial attitude to her is, he slowly comes to warm to both her and her baby over the course of their overnight trip – so much so that their eventual parting proves decidedly poignant. Nuanced performances, unhurried pacing, strong characterisation, and subtle direction combine to quite delightful effect in Giorgelli’s bitter-sweet feature debut.