My Voyage to Italy (1999)

Il mio viaggio in Italia
Feature Documentary | Italy/USA | English & Italian | 4h6m
Dir: Martin Scorsese | Scr: Suso Cecchi d'Amico, Raffaele Donato, Kent Jones, & Martin Scorsese | Ph: Phil Abraham & William Rexer | Prod: Giorgio Armani, Barbara De Fina, Giuliana Del Punta, & Bruno Restuccia | Ed: Thelma Schoonmaker | PD: Wing Lee | Snd: Philip Stockton & Magdaline Volaitis | Presenter: Martin Scorsese

Filtered through memories of his childhood growing up in a Sicilian-American neighbourhood in New York, Martin Scorsese guides us through the Italian films that most affected and influenced him during his formative years. Starting with the neorealism of Rossellini, De Sica, & Visconti, which he first came across as a very young boy in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s, before branching out to include the works of Fellini, Antonioni, and others, he not only maps the development of these great film-makers, but also the progress of his own cinephilia. Articulate, incisive, and engaging, Scorsese’s observations prove thoroughly entertaining and informative throughout.