Ransom for a Dead Man (1971)

Columbo (1968-2003)
Television Pilot | Crime Drama | USA | English | 1h35m
Dir: Richard Irving | Scr: Dean Hargrove | Story: Richard Levinson & William Link | Ph: Lionel Lindon | Prod: Dean Hargrove | Mus: Billy Goldenberg | Ed: Edward M. Abroms | AD: John J. Lloyd | Snd: Robert Bertrand | Cast: Peter Falk, Lee Grant, John Fink, Harold Gould, Patricia Mattick, Paul Carr, Jed Allan, Charles Macaulay, Henry Brandt, Jeane Byron

After murdering her husband, a talented attorney ingeniously fakes his kidnapping using a combination of technology and know-how, making particular use of her pilot’s license, in order to divert blame elsewhere. However, her stepdaughter and, more significantly, homicide detective Lt. Columbo quickly come to suspect her, in this entertaining pilot episode. Bold scoring, flamboyant editing, and fine performances combine to good effect.