Suitable for Framing (1971)

Columbo (1968-2003)
Television Episode | Crime Drama | USA | English | 1h16m
Dir: Hy Averback | Scr: Jackson Gillis | Ph: Russell L. Metty | Prod: Richard Levinson & William Link | Mus: Billy Goldenberg | Ed: Budd Small | AD: Arch Bacon | Snd: James R. Alexander | Cast: Peter Falk, Ross Martin, Don Ameche, Kim Hunter, Rosanna Huffman, Joan Shawlee, Barney Phillips, Mary Wickes, Vic Tayback

In order to receive that which he sees as his rightful inheritance, a respected art critic kills his uncle with the assistance of a naïve young art student, contriving (with an electric blanket, a pair of high heels, and an unexpected art show appearance) to make the evidence point towards the affluent gent’s ex-wife, who, following recent changes to his will, was set to inherit his remarkable collection of paintings. Lt. Columbo, though, is not quite as manipulable as the brilliant aesthete had hoped, proving rather reluctant to cast suspicion onto his not-so-beloved aunt. Well-crafted with fine performances and a deeply satisfying denouement, Suitable for Framing proves thoroughly entertaining throughout.