Un Chien Andalou (1929)

Un chien andalou
Short Film | Fantasy | France | Silent | 16m
Dir: Luis Buñuel | Scr: Salvador Dalí & Luis Buñuel | Ph: Albert Duverger | Prod: Luis Buñuel | Ed: Luis Buñuel | Cast: Simone Mareuil, Pierre Batcheff, Luis Buñuel, Fano Messan, Robert Hommet, Marval, Jaume Miravitlles

A lustful young man tries to have his way with a reluctant young woman, but is for ever thwarted, in this erotic, horrific, and oft hilarious Surrealist short. Images of an eye being slit with a razorblade and of ants crawling out of a hole in a man’s hand prove decidedly powerful, whilst the film’s enigmatic, dreamlike plot gets the synapses firing like few others.