Partners in Crime...

Associés contre le crime... "L'œuf d'Ambroise"
Pascal Thomas | 2012 | ★★
Upset at the attention her husband (André Dussollier) is receiving over his just published memoirs, and bored with the comfort and predictability of retirement, Prudence Beresford (Catherine Frot) sets up a detective agency. Her first case, the disappearance of a rich Belgian’s beautiful Russian fiancée, leads her to a swanky health clinic and spa, where she hears fanciful tales of murder and eternal youth. Before long, she and her husband find themselves up to their necks in a quite fantastic conspiracy. Adapted from Agatha Christie’s 1929 short story The Case of the Missing Lady, this frothy French film plays it neither straight enough nor camp enough to support its ridiculous plot. However, solid craftsmanship and charismatic performances do just about keep it watchable.