Come Clean (1931)

Short Film | Comedy | USA | English | 30m
Dir: James W. Horne | Dialogue: H.M. Walker | Ph: Art Lloyd | Prod: Hal Roach | Ed: Richard Currier | Snd: Elmer Raguse | Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch, Gertrude Astor, Linda Loredo, Eddie Baker, Charlie Hall

When the Laurels come over unannounced, wanting ice cream to boot, Ollie is sent out by his better half to get it. But, accompanied by his dim-witted pal Stan, only succeeds in picking up a half-drowned woman of loose morals instead, who demands to be looked after by her pesky saviours. Messrs Laurel and Hardy, realising that Mesdames Laurel and Hardy are unlikely to be all that chuffed with their new houseguest, do their best – which is never really good enough – to shake her, in this hugely entertaining star short. Filled with lovely comic detail, the film is perhaps most notable for Loredo’s inimitably screeching cries of “Staaaaan-ley”.