Monkey Business (1931)

Feature Film | Comedy | USA | English | 1h17m
Dir: Norman McLeod | Scr: S.J. Perelman & Will B. Johnstone | Ad. Dialogue: Arthur Sheekman & Nat Perrin | Ph: Arthur L. Todd | Cast: Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Zeppo Marx, Rockliffe Fellowes, Harry Woods, Thelma Todd, Ruth Hall, Tom Kennedy

The four Marxes stow away on a US-bound transatlantic cruise liner, and divide their time between working as bodyguards for two rival gangsters, chasing young ladies (literally in Harpo’s case), avoiding the attentions of the ship’s captain and crew, and generally causing mayhem and merriment, in this gag-packed, constantly hilarious Marx Brothers film. Highlights include: Harpo’s hijacking of a Punch and Judy show; Groucho’s flirting with a gangster’s moll; and Chico’s “snooping” barber. That said, there isn’t a duff moment in the entire film anyway.