The Last Seduction (1994)

Feature Film | Thriller | USA/UK | English | 1h50m
Dir: John Dahl | Scr: Steve Barancik | Ph: Jeffrey Jur | Prod: Jonathan Shestack | Mus: Joseph Vitarelli | Ed: Eric L. Beason | PD: Linda Pearl | AD: Dina Lipton | Snd: Jon Johnson & Howard Neiman | Cast: Linda Fiorentino, Peter Berg, Bill Pullman, J.T. Walsh, Bill Nunn

A no-nonsense New Yorker absconds to a small town near Buffalo with a suitcase full of her husband’s drug money – and, with sex, lies, and general skulduggery, manages to manipulate a local rube into unknowingly helping her to get away with it, in Dahl’s grimily sexy thriller. Fiorentino excels as the sociopathic femme fatale, in a smartly written and generally well-crafted film.