Meriel the Ghost Girl (1976)

The Mind Beyond (1976)
Television Film | Paranormal Mystery | UK | English | 1h
Dir: Philip Saville | Scr: David Halliwell | Ph: John Treays | Prod: Irene Shubik | Mus: Joseph Horovitz | Ed: John Lee | PD: Michael Young | Snd: Brian Hiles | Cast: Donald Pleasence, John Bluthal, Janet Street-Porter, Charles Keating, Diana King, Sarah Douglas, Jane Hayden, Elizabeth Rees, Izabella Telezynska, Tim Barlow, Vilma Hollingbery, David Woodcock, James Giles, Kathleen Heath, Patrick Field

A psychical investigator, famous for debunking paranormal sightings, attends a séance and becomes convinced that he has finally found a genuine incidence of ghostly activity when the apparent spirit of a seven-year-old girl appears to him, but his findings are subsequently questioned by a string of other investigators, in Halliwell’s intriguing BBC play. Moving from ghost story to comic noir through faux-documentary and onto psychological study, the film both entertains and provokes as it proves surprisingly thorough in its examination of the subject.