The Admirable Crichton

Paradise Lagoon
Lewis Gilbert | 1957 | ★★★
In Gilbert’s undemandingly enjoyable though ultimately bitter-sweet romp, dutiful butler Crichton (Kenneth More, excellent) disapproves somewhat of his master’s (the ever wonderful Cecil Parker) progressive views, but goes along with them anyway out of a sense of propriety. For order to be maintained, he thinks everyone should know and keep to their place. However, when he, his master, his master’s three daughters (Sally Ann Howes, Mercy Haystead, & Miranda Connell), two of their suitors (Jack Watling & Gerald Harper), and a maid (Diane Cilento) become shipwrecked on a desert island, the tables become turned – the butler becomes the governor and the master merely daddy – though not as the result of some sort of class power struggle, but merely out of necessity, with him being the only one suitable to lead in such an environment. As romances develop and happiness flourishes, their little society builds – only rescue now can ruin this new order...