Turn Me On, Goddammit (2011)

Få meg på, for faen / Turn Me On, Dammit
Norwegian | Comedy-Drama | Norway | Norwegian | 1h16m
Dir: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen | Scr: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen | Novel: Olaug Nilssen | DP: Marianne Bakke | Prod: Brede Hovland | Mus: Ginge Anvik | Ed: Zaklina Stojcevska | Cast: Helene Bergsholm, Henriette Steenstrup, Malin Bjørhovde, Matias Myren, Beate Støfring, Lars Nordtveit Listau, Julia Bache-Wiig, Jon Bleiklie Devik, Julia Schacht, Arthur Berning
Whilst most film-makers all but ignore adolescent female sexuality – my little girl doesn’t think about such things! – Nordic cinema, generally more sophisticated and relaxed when it comes to such matters, frequently embraces it; and, with Jacobsen’s charming though rather flimsy little film, seldom more so than here, where, with a central character, 15-year-old phone-sex-line-calling country-girl Alma (Bergsholm), who is, in her own words, horny, the subject matter actually takes centre stage. So much so, that a good portion of the running time is actually dedicated to her budding sexual fantasies, most of which revolve around her slow-to-acquiesce classmate Artur (Myren) (but also sometimes drifting to female friends, and even to their fathers). All of which might sound somewhat seedy and exploitative to those that haven’t seen the film, but the truth of the matter is that is all really rather sweet and even vaguely naïve in parts. In fact, my biggest compliment to the film, and criticism of it for that matter, would be that it actually feels like it was made by a 15-year-old girl – that it actually feels simultaneously both refreshingly authentic and sweetly naïve. The performances are mostly good and the film generally well crafted, with Anvik’s distinctive score proving particularly pleasing; however, it is a film unlikely to linger long in the memory. A brave effort, never the less.