The Code (2011)

Short Film | Horror-Comedy | USA | English | 6m
Dir: Mark Blitch | Scr: Jason Walter Vaile & Alan Tregoning | Ph: Mark Blitch | Prod: Mark Blitch, Alan Tregoning, & Jason Walter Vaile | Mus: Kevin MacLeod | Ed: Mark Blitch | Cast: Daylon Walton, Tamara Voss, Taylor Brandt, Todd Terry, Ben Rogers, Kevin Green

In Birch’s diverting horror-comedy, a pack of zombies, a masked killer, a vampire, and Big Foot argue over whose night it is to murder young lovers in the park, not realising that one of their potential prey is none other than Vanna Helsing, who proceeds to make them bloodily regret it. The short is at its best when the amusing Brandt’s zombie leader is given screen time to bemoan his colleagues’ inability to use the Google Calendar that he set up, but loses its way a little when the action kicks in.