Don't Follow Me Around (2011)

Dreileben (2011) / Komm mir nicht nach
Television Film | Drama | Germany | German | 1h29m | Dir: Dominik Graf | Scr: Markus Busch & Dominik Graf | Ph: Michael Wiesweg | Prod: Andreas Bareiß, Sven Burgemeister, & Gloria Burkert | Ed: Claudia Wolscht | PD: Claus-Jürgen Pfeiffer | Cast: Jeanette Hain, Susanne Wolff, Misel Maticevic, Malou, Lisa Kreuzer, Rüdiger Vogler, Stefan Kurt

A police psychologist is sent to a small town to aid in the search for an escaped killer and in the investigation of local police corruption, but finds more interest and intrigue in the realisation that she and an old friend, with whom she is staying, once unknowingly shared a boyfriend, in Graf’s absorbing, gently affecting chamber piece – the second part of the Dreileben trilogy. The mesmerising Hain excels in a particularly well written part, aided by decent turns from Wolff and Maticevic.