One Minute of Darkness (2011)

Dreileben (2011) / Eine Minute Dunkel
Television Film | Crime Drama | Germany | German | 1h29m | Dir: Christoph Hochhäusler | Scr: Christoph Hochhäusler & Peer Klehmet | Ph: Reinhold Vorschneider | Prod: Bettina Brokemper | Mus: Bert Wrede | Ed: Stefan Stabenow | PD: Renate Schmaderer | Cast: Stefan Kurt, Eberhard Kirchberg, Imogen Kogge, Timo Jacobs, Ioan Gyuri Pascu, Holger Doellmann, Paraschiva Dragus, Jacob Matschenz, Luna Mijovic

A child-like convicted murderer goes on the run in the wooded hills that surround his home town after escaping police custody whilst paying respects to his dead mother. However, an on-sick-leave detective slowly comes to suspect that he might not even have been guilty to begin with, in Hochhäusler’s engrossing and very human television play – the final and perhaps most accomplished part of the Dreileben trilogy. Kurt and Kirchberg excel, respectively, as the fugitive and the ailing detective, in the two main parts, imbuing their roles with great pathos and humanity.