Perras (2011)

Feature Film | Drama | Mexico | Spanish | 1h37m
Dir: Guillermo Ríos | Scr: Guillermo Ríos | Play: Guillermo Ríos | Ph: Juan Bernardo Sánchez Mejía | Prod: Tita Sanchez | Mus: Tomás Barreiro, Pablo Chemor, & Daniel Hidalgo | Ed: Elise DuRant, Guillermo Ríos, Tita Sanchez, Juan Bernardo Sánchez Mejía | Cast: Claudia Zepeda, Karen de la Hoya, Scarlet Dergal, Alenka Rios, Steph Boumelcroud, Andrea Pedrero, Kariam Castro, Denis Montes, Eva Luna Marenco, Natalia Zurita

A class-full of 14/15-year-old girls is kept back after school when it emerges that one of them has committed a heinous act. Confined to the classroom, and threatened with expulsion, they confront and accuse each other as they attempt to out the likely suspect, in Ríos’s inventive and stylish, though rather salacious and exploitative, exploration of the lives of a group of girls on the cusp of womanhood. Though often eye-opening, much of it feels designed for provocative, sensational effect, rather than as a serious examination of the various social problems that it raises. Still, as a piece of oft-dazzling teensploitation it proves guiltily pleasurable enough.