Endeavour (2012)

Television Film | Crime Drama | UK/USA | English | 1h38m
Dir: Colm McCarthy | Scr: Russell Lewis | Ph: Gavin Struthers | Prod: Dan McCulloch | Mus: Barrington Pheloung | Ed: Masahiro Hirakubo | PD: Pat Campbell | AD: Frederic Evard | Cast: Shaun Evans, Roger Allam, Charlie Creed-Miles, Danny Webb, Patrick Malahide, Abigail Thaw, John Light, Richard Lintern, Flora Montgomery

A young police detective, struggling to find his place in the world, plays a key part in the investigation into the murder of an Oxford schoolgirl, in this enthralling, beautifully crafted prequel to the acclaimed ITV detective series Inspector Morse (1987-2000). Held together by the captivating performance of Evans in the titular role, it proves to be a work more than worthy of its celebrated predecessor.