The Green Man (1990)

Three-Part TV Serial | Supernatural Horror | UK/USA | English | 2h52m
Dir: Elijah Moshinsky | Scr: Malcolm Bradbury | Novel: Kingsley Amis | Ph: John McGlashan | Prod: David Snodin | Mus: Tim Souster | Ed: Masahiro Hirakubo | PD: Gerry Scott | AD: Laurence Williams | Cast: Albert Finney, Linda Marlowe, Sarah Berger, Nicky Henson, Michael Hordern, Josie Lawrence, Michael Grandage, Natalie Morse, Michael Culver, Robert Schofield

A perma-drunk, sexually voracious country inn proprietor’s life begins to spiral out of control, when the ghost of a notorious 17th century rapist and murderer begins appearing to him, but the intervention of God himself looks to bring back balance, in this diverting BBC three-parter. Finney is excellent as the larger-than-life central figure, but the drama as a whole lacks subtlety, and could certainly have done with a sight more ambiguity. No more than an enjoyable time waster, then.