Savage (2011)

Feature Film | Drama | Sweden Swedish | 1h30m
Dir: Martin Jern & Emil Larsson | Scr: Martin Jern & Emil Larsson | Ph: David Grehn | Prod: Martin Jern & Emil Larsson | Ed: Erik Bäfving | PD: Lina Linde Cast: Magnus Skog, Emelie Sundelin, Sofie Karlsson, Stefan Söderberg, Rolf Jarl, Nicolaj Schröder, Michael Petersson

The lives of four disaffected small town working class youths, all desperately trying to find their place in the world, intertwine over a period of a few late summer days, in Jern and Larsson’s for-the-most-part sensuously moving examination of doomed young lives. Grehn’s oft stunning photography and the unassuming performances of the young cast (particularly Skog and Sundelin) engage throughout, but the horrifically violent ending leaves something of a bad taste. A film of promise, never the less.