If It's a Man – Hang Up! (1975)

Thriller (1973-1976)
Television Film | Mystery-Thriller | UK | English | 1h7m
Dir: Shaun O'Riordan | Scr: Brian Clemens | Ph: Jimmy Boyers | Prod: Ian Fordyce | Mus: Laurie Johnson | AD: Allan Roger | SD: Bob Woodhouse | Cast: Carol Lynley, Gerald Harper, David Gwillim, Tom Conti, Michael Byrne, Paul Angelis, John Cater, Colin Etherington, Sue Holderness

A beautiful model, desired by the all the men that she meets, begins to receive obscene phone calls, which, as they become ever more menacing, start to take a toll on her wellbeing, in this diverting but vaguely implausible little thriller. Though it remains thoroughly unpredictable throughout, the performances of the cast, playing somewhat unconvincing characters, are (barring the excellent Angelis) only ever adequate at best.