The Miracle Woman (1931)

Feature Film | Romantic Drama | USA | English | 1h30m
Dir: Frank Capra | Scr: Jo Swerling | Play: John Meehan & Robert Riskin | Ph: Joseph Walker | Prod: Harry Cohn | Ed: Maurice Wright | Cast: Barbara Stanwyck, David Manners, Sam Hardy, Beryl Mercer, Russell Hopton, Charles Middleton, Eddie Boland, Thelma Hill

Disillusioned with the church after the mistreatment and subsequent death of her pastor father, a young woman hooks up with a dangerous chancer and becomes a miracle-performing evangelical preacher, but her meeting of, and falling for, a young blind man leads to her gradually seeing the error of her ways, in Capra’s gently affecting morality tale. The editing is a little ungainly at times, and some of the performances are a tad stilted, but Stanwyck’s magnificent turn in the central role more than makes up for any of these minor quibbles.