One Good Turn (1931)

Short Film | Comedy | USA | English | 20m
Dir: James W. Horne | Scr: H.M. Walker | Ph: Art Lloyd | Prod: Hal Roach | Ed: Richard C. Currier | SD: Elmer Raguse | Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mary Carr, James Finlayson, Billy Gilbert

Homeless and without a penny to their name, Stan and Ollie go from door to door offering to work for food, in this fairly entertaining but rather uninspired Laurel and Hardy short. They strike it lucky when a kindly old lady takes them in and feeds them, but mistakenly come to believe that she is about to be evicted when they overhear her rehearsing a community play, and set about raising the $100 that she (doesn’t really) need to avoid eviction by attempting to sell their decrepit 20-year-old car… things, predictably, do not go well. Mary Carr’s turn proves memorable as the old lady, but Finlayson and Gilbert’s talents are wasted in small roles.