A Question of Attribution (1991)

Screen One (1989-1994)
Television Film | Drama | UK/USA | English | 1h10m
Dir: John Schlesinger | Scr: Alan Bennett | Play: Alan Bennett | Ph: John Hooper | Prod: Innes Lloyd | Mus: Gerald Gouriet | Ed: Mark Day | PD: Barbara Gosnold | Cast: James Fox, David Calder, Geoffrey Palmer, Prunella Scales, Jason Flemyng

In Alan Bennett’s fascinating piece of speculative historical fiction, a painting, formerly attributed to Titian, becomes the centre of a number of conversations between a former Soviet spy, Sir Anthony Blunt, and his new secret service handler, as well as a surprising encounter between the soon-to-be-disgraced art historian and Her Majesty the Queen. Fine performances, excellent writing, and unobtrusive direction combine to enthralling effect.