I Fidanzati (1963)

The Engagement / The Fiances
Feature Film | Romantic Drama | Italy | Italian | 1h17m
Dir: Ermanno Olmi | Scr: Ermanno Olmi | Ph: Lamberto Caimi | Prod: Goffredo Lombardo | Mus: Gianni Ferrio | Ed: Carla Colombo | PD: Ettore Lombardi | Snd: Guido Nardone | Cast: Carlo Cabrini, Anna Canzi

A young welder agrees to move to Sicily to work for eighteen months, but spends his time remembering with regret the acrimonious way that he parted from his fiancée. However, a series of heartfelt letters between the two slowly rekindles their once dwindling love, in Olmi’s melancholically charming romantic drama. The restrained performances of Cabrini and Canzi, coupled with the Italian auteur’s strikingly unusual storytelling, prove decidedly affecting.