Lovers and Lollipops (1956)

Feature Film | Romantic Drama | USA | English | 1h22m
Dir: Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin | Scr: Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin | Ph: Morris Engel | Prod: Morris Engel & Ruth Orkin | Mus: Eddy Manson | Ed: Ruth Orkin | Snd: John Mack | Cast: Lori March, Gerald O'Loughlin, Cathy Dunn, William Ward

Engel and Orkin’s gently affecting romantic drama depicts the charmingly earthy courtship of a much-travelled engineer and a New York widow, which is complicated by the presence of her mischievous young daughter, who is slow to warm to him. Filled to the brim with wonderfully playful imagery and drenched in humanity, this low-budget gem proves a delight from beginning to end. Truly, and indeed literally, wonderful.