The Unborn (1980)

BBC2 Playhouse (1974-1983)
Television Film | Supernatural Drama | UK | English | 1h
Dir: Michael Custance | Scr: Philip Martin | Ph: Peter Booth | Prod: Peter Ansorge | Ed: Ian Collins | PD: Gavin Davies | Snd: David Hughes | Cast: Jack Shepherd, Mary Larkin, Judy Parfitt, Granville Saxton, Richard Leech, Suzanne Smith

After being told by a gypsy fortune teller that his unborn son will bring forth Armageddon, a nuclear physicist begins to have apocalyptic dreams about just that subject, but refuses to believe that they are premonitory. His wife, on the other hand, is quick to believe, and begins to work with Madame Roma in a bid to stave off her unenviable destiny, in this intense yet enigmatic BBC play.