The Man Who Stole the Sun (1979)

太陽を盗んだ男 / Taiyō wo nusunda otoko
Feature Film | Thriller | Japan | Japanese | 2h27m
Dir: Hasegawa Kazuhiko | Scr: Leonard Schrader & Hasegawa Kazuhiko | Story: Leonard Schrader | Ph: Suzuki Tatsuo | Prod: Ijichi Kei & Yamamoto Mataichirō | Mus: Inoue Takayuki | Ed: Suzuki Akira | PD: Yoko'o Yoshinaga | Cast: Sugawara Bunta, Sawada Kenji, Ikegami Kimiko, Kitamura Kazuo, Kōyama Shigeru, Satō Kei, Itō Yūnosuke

A popular but little respected middle school science teacher builds an atomic bomb and subsequently holds the government to ransom via phone calls to a gruff homicide detective and a flighty radio disc jockey, using his new found power to demand changes to the television schedule and to bring The Rolling Stones to Tokyo, in Hasegawa’s hugely entertaining satirical thriller. Intense performances, idiosyncratic direction, unpredictable plotting, and some wonderfully irreverent and decidedly over-the-top action sequences combine to quite sublime effect.