The Counterfeit Man (1965)

Out of the Unknown (1965-1971)
Short Television Film | Sci-Fi Mystery | UK | English | 59m
Dir: George Spenton-Foster | Scr: Philip Broadley | Story: Alan Nourse | Prod: Irene Shubik | Mus: Norman Kay | PD: Trevor Williams | Sfx: Bernard Wilkie | Cast: Alex Davion, David Hemmings, Charles Tingwell, Peter Fraser, Anthony Wager

Officers on a ship returning from an uneventful trip to Ganymede come to believe that one of their crew has been replaced by an alien replicant, and desperately set about attempting to prove it before they reach Earth, in this gripping but ultimately vaguely disappointing BBC play. The performance of David Hemmings impresses, but the rather straightforward ending fails to deliver on the piece’s allegorical promise. Worth a watch, never the less.