Dead Man's Shoes (2004)

Feature Film | Thriller | UK | English | 1h30m
Dir: Shane Meadows | Scr: Paddy Considine & Shane Meadows | Ad. Material: Paul Fraser | Ph: Danny Cohen | Prod: Mark Herbert | Mus: Aphex Twin | Ed: Celia Haining, Lucas Roche, & Chris Wyatt | AD: Adam Tomlinson | Cast: Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell, Jo Hartley, Seamus O'Neill, Stuart Wolfenden, Paul Sadot, Paul Hurstfield, Emily Aston, George Newton, Neil Bell

A soldier returns to his remote home town to gain vengeance upon a gang of pathetic lowlifes, who he believes to have been responsible for the bullying and mistreatment of his mentally retarded younger brother, in this potent but decidedly downbeat revenge thriller. Considine’s typically intense performance, Kebbell’s remarkable supporting turn, some convincingly earthy dialogue, Aphex Twin’s gently melancholy score, and Meadows’s pleasingly unfussy direction combine to powerful effect.