The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle (2009)

Feature Film | Comic Sci-Fi | USA | English | 1h38m
Dir: David Russo | Scr: David Russo | Ph: Neil Holcomb | Prod: Peggy Case | Mus: Awesome | Ed: Billy McMillin | PD: Christopher Swenson | AD: Joe Rynearson | Snd: Tom Hambleton | Sfx: Deborah Ristic | Cast: Marshall Allman, Vince Vieluf, Natasha Lyonne, Tygh Runyan, Tania Raymonde, Matt Smith, Jeanette Maus, Sean Nelson

In Russo’s oft hilarious feature debut, a spiritually troubled data entry clerk-turned-janitor finds his life disrupted by an experimental, self-heating cookie, to which he and his fellow male cleaners have become addicted. However, the consequences of their gluttony are not ever-expanding waistlines and extra trips to the dentist, but vivid hallucinations and the incubation of immaculately conceived little blue fish in their intestines. Good comic performances, dynamic direction, excellent effects work, and some thought-provoking writing combine to thoroughly entertaining effect.