A Blonde in Love

Lásky jedné plavovlásky / Loves of a Blonde
Miloš Forman | 1965 | ★★★★★
In Forman’s humanity-drenched examination of young love in Communist Czechoslovakia, a pretty factory worker with a capriciously romantic nature (Hana Brejchová) reluctantly agrees to spend the night with a piano playing lothario (Vladimír Pucholt), who is in town for one night only. However, a week later, after a very public row with her former fiancé, with her now being very much in love with the departed pianist, she sets off on a whim to be with him in the city, but succeeds only in spending a rather awkward evening with the young man’s parents (Milada Ježková & Josef Šebánek) at their Prague home. Gently funny, quietly affecting, and beautifully crafted, this lovely little film is perhaps Forman’s finest.