The Marriage Circle (1924)

Feature Film | Comedy | USA | Silent | 1h25m
Dir: Ernst Lubitsch | Scr: Paul Bern | Play: Lothar Schmidt | Ph: Charles Van Enger | Prod: Ernst Lubitsch | AD: Lewis Geib & Esdras Hartley | Cast: Florence Vidor, Monte Blue, Marie Prevost, Creighton Hale, Adolphe Menjou, Harry Myers, Esther Ralston

Viennese socialite Mizzi takes a shine to her old friend Charlotte’s new husband, Dr Braun, whose partner, Dr Mueller, fancies Charlotte. However, Charlotte suspects her husband of cheating on her with a completely different woman, and encourages Mizzi to get closer to him in order to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Mizzi’s husband, Professor Stock, suspects his wife of cheating on him, but knows not with whom, and so hires a private detective in order to investigate matters. Before long, in Lubitsch's diverting but overly complicated and only ever mildly tittersome farce, things come to a predictable head.