Heading South (2005)

Vers le sud 
Feature Film | Drama | France/Canada | French & English | 1h48m
Dir: Laurent Cantet | Scr: Laurent Cantet & Robin Campillo | Novel: Dany Laferrière | Ph: Pierre Milon | Prod: Simon Arnal-Szlovak, Caroline Benjo, & Carole Scotta | Ed: Robin Campillo | PD: Franckie Diago | Snd: Agnès Ravez | Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Karen Young, Ménothy Cesar, Louise Portal, Lys Ambroise, Jackenson Pierre Olmo Diaz, Wilfried Paul, Anotte Saint Ford, Marie-Laurence Hérard

A 48-year-old American woman comes to Haiti in search of the young boy who gave her the first orgasm of her life three years previously, but finds that she must share him with a 55-year-old Boston-based English woman, in Cantet’s diverting ‘70s-set tale of sexual tourism. Non-judgemental plotting, unassuming direction, and solid performances combine to quietly entertaining if unspectacular effect.